3D Matrix Screensaver: "the Endless Corridors"

3D Matrix Screensaver: "the Endless Corridors"

3D Matrix Screensaver you take you into the Matrix to learn its secrets
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Software Informer Editor Rating 4

Did you like the movie "The Matrix"?
Would you like to be part of that world and see how it works?
With 3D Matrix Screensaver you will be taken into the Matrix to learn its secrets.
This unique screensaver you will feel part of that strange and hard to understand world.
You will be walking in that familiar long and white corridor, opening doors as you pass near them.

What will you discover? It's up to you to find out.
Obviously, you will be followed and surrounded by those well-known green letters and numbers that form the code of the Matrix.
Some of the doors will let you see things and aspects of the matrix that look very real. Others will not look that real but will still be strange. Others are completely fake and still others will be under construction.
And of course, eventually you will enter the corridor of code, formed by millions of numbers and letters.

You can configure several aspects as what will the doors show, music and sound effects On and OFF, the ability to show the current time, and more.
The music is pretty techno, so it goes along the images quite well.

This screensaver will keep you watching for a long time, just waiting to see what will the next door show you.

FS Senior editor
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  • Interesting
  • Some nice images
  • Nice music


  • You might get bored after a while



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